Natures wonders: clever tiny wasp controls another (Introduction)

by BBella @, Saturday, January 28, 2017, 21:08 (1167 days ago) @ David Turell

Comment: Wow! How did this get arranged. Not step by step. Looks like lots of pre-planning. We must eagerly await more research for explanations of the control mechanisms. Is this too minor for God to create?

BBella: The simplest explanation that can be for all of these wondrous things, is that everything is connected (therefore symbiotic by nature on a grand scale) - and therefore everything IS simply an ultimate Inventive Mechanism -Occam's Razor. Yes, could be that simple.

Is this because everything at the quantum level is connected?

Yes, on some level somehow I do believe all is connected. I may not be cognitively aware of a star forming in some far out galaxy, but somewhere within all that I AM, I am effected by that star forming. I do believe this, not just because of the science I've studied, but more because the science I studied confirmed what I experienced.

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