Natures wonders: squid eye lens focuses exactly (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, August 14, 2017, 15:29 (844 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Where on earth do you find prejudice against an all-powerful God? Your theory is that an all-powerful God pre-programmed every innovation, lifestyle and natural wonder for the sole purpose of producing the human brain. I don't see why an all-powerful God would have needed the great higgledy-piggledy bush if all he wanted was to produce the human brain. Therefore an all-powerful God may have had a different purpose. An all-powerful God may have deliberately created a mechanism which would of its own accord produce the great higgledy-piggledy bush, because what he wanted was a great higgledy-piggledy bush. But he could have dabbled at any time, and maybe the human brain was the result of a dabble. In this part of the discussion I am challenging your interpretation of your all-powerful God’s purpose and method.

The bush provides the balance of nature which provides the food for life to continue. Everyone has to eat, because the complex life forms must have a continuous supply of energy. We've covered this before, although you always try to discount this obvious truth.

dhw:The question of God’s existence is a different topic. I find all the hypotheses (chance, God and panpsychist evolution) equally difficult to believe. That does not disqualify me from challenging the logic of your anthropocentric interpretation of a possible God’s evolutionary motives and methods.

And the reply is look for purpose in the biology of life:

"Teleology and Aristotelian metaphysics came roaring back in the early 20th century with quantum mechanics and relativity. And quantum mechanics is not the most striking example of teleology in science. Biological science is simply not possible without constant invocation of teleology. Biologists cannot even begin to understand DNA or mitochondria or hearts or brains or enzymes without inference to the goal or natural end of the thing. Biological science is not merely aided by inference to teleology. It cannot be done without profound and deliberate investigation of the telos of biological molecules and organs. “What is it for” is the fundamental and inescapable question in all biological research.
No explanation of nature — not in biology or physics or in any natural science — makes sense without recourse to final causes. Final cause – teleology — is the cause of causes."

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