Natures wonders: ants farm fungus for food (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Friday, April 21, 2017, 22:29 (1038 days ago) @ dhw
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dhw: I am not skipping. I said that nobody knows. Then in the same sarcastic vein as your pipedream comment, I put forward one of only two answers that you have ever offered: God gave them personal lessons (“God told them”). The other is that he preprogrammed the monarch-metamorphosis-migration instruction manual 3.8 billion years ago, although his only desire was to produce humans. No, “I don’t follow your logic at all.”

The logic is the Texas monarchs had no idea where to find milkweed for the wintertime in Texas, but they did. Somehow they prepared metabolically for the long journey. God must have helped in my view. Logical. Setting out helter-skelter simply leads to death.

I have shifted the discussion on bacteria to your new post under “biological complexity”, except for this exchange:
Dhw: Your all-powerful God would be perfectly capable of designing a mechanism enabling organisms to saltate.
DAVID: Again Tony's point with god watching.

dhw: I thought it was you who told us that your hidden God was watching. At last you seem to be agreeing that if God exists, he may have designed the autonomous intelligence that designs saltations and then sat back to watch the great variety produced by his invention. But you will no doubt dismiss the idea again tomorrow.

I'm sure He watches and adjusts as necessary. I've agreed that an IM might exist to create the changes under His guidelines. I think tony agrees.

DAVID: If God evolves His desired goals, that takes time and requires the bush of natures balanced life.
dhw: […] That doesn’t mean your God designed the bush for the sake of humans.
DAVID: The bush provides the energy for life to take time to evolve to produce humans. If God directly produced humans without the bush, what would humans eat?

dhw: I would suggest that your now unlimited God was perfectly capable of providing food for humans without personally designing the weaverbird’s nest, the monarch’s migration, the spider’s eye, the parasitic wasp, the cuttlefish’s camouflage etc., plus all the other wonders and life forms that have come and gone. And so maybe he did not design them at all, or maybe if he did design them, he did not design them in order to provide food for humans.

You cannot get around the fact that all organisms needed food energy until humans arrived, and all including humans still do.

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