Natures wonders: a beetle fools ants to give it food (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Sunday, August 27, 2017, 19:56 (910 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: In the first and second quotes, he wanted to create a bush, and the bush was a goal. Now the bush is not a goal but HAS a goal, i.e. as preparation "for our production". Please would you be so kind as to confirm once and for all:
1. You stand by your statement that the human brain was not the sole purpose.
2. You reject your earlier statement that “everything else relates” to the purpose of producing the human brain.
3. You stand by your statement that “the whole bush of life is another goal”

DAVID: I will stick to this: humans and their brain was a primary purpose, and as such is the pinnacle of complexity production by evolution. The bush of life was a necessary side purpose. As for 'sole' purpose, the appearance of humans for no apparent reason, makes it appear to be God's sole purpose. We are back to trying to read God's mind.

dhw: 1) “A” primary purpose means there are other primary purposes. Please tell us what they are.
2) What is a “necessary side purpose”? The whale, the monarch butterfly, and the weaverbird’s nest were necessary for what?
3) If appearance for no apparent reason is the criterion for something appearing to be God’s sole purpose, then the appearance of the duckbilled platypus for no apparent reason makes it appear to be God’s sole purpose.
4) Your theory has always been an attempt to read God’s mind. A reading of God’s mind that comes up with all the anomalies and illogicalities that I keep pointing out and which you keep acknowledging might just possibly be wrong.

I try to fathom God's purposes from what has been produced. You can interpret 'primary' purpose as meaning others are present, but I look at primary, secondary and tertiary purposes in that order. Humans with their brains are primary. Bush of life supports evolutionary time period and is secondary. Of course I could be wrong. but using a teleological approach, I feel I'm closer to the truth than you are.

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