Natures wonders: ant care for the sick protects well ants (Introduction)

by dhw, Sunday, April 08, 2018, 11:13 (442 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I appreciate your interest in the articles I present that point to design. We know that adaptations are due to cellular flexibility, but that dos not explain macro-evolution, speciation. My view is it requires a designer.

dhw: It then becomes a question of where you draw the line between adaptation and speciation. Legs becoming flippers, or vice versa, may be part of speciation through adaptation. If the mechanism exists for flexibility, who knows how far that flexibility may extend? And if we don’t know, we cannot dismiss my hypothesis.

DAVID: We have no evidence of gradual adaptation leading to speciation. All we see in the fossil record is the gaps of saltation.

Agreed, and that I why it is a hypothesis and not a fact, though my hypothesis also explains saltations. Once again, we do not know how far cellular flexibility and intelligence may extend. And once again, we do not have evidence of a 3.8-billion-year old computer programme for every natural wonder in life’s history, but that doesn’t stop you from actually believing your hypothesis and rejecting mine.

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