Natures wonders: a beetle fools ants to give it food (Introduction)

by dhw, Saturday, August 26, 2017, 12:09 (839 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID (under “bacteria can spear amoebas”): We don't know that the only thing God wanted was our brain. […] I still look at our brain as a primary goal, and lots of what happened supports that. He obviously wanted to create an amazing bush of life along the way.

DAVID […] the brain is a goal, not the sole purpose you have proposed. The whole bush of life is another goal.

dhw: I am delighted that you now believe the human brain was not your God’s sole purpose, and the bush of life was a purpose in itself. Perhaps, then, we can jettison YOUR theory that the whole of evolution was related to producing the human brain. That does not mean our brain is not special, but it does mean that there is no longer any need to ask why your God took so long to achieve his one purpose, and why he bothered to design the pre-whale, the monarch’s lifestyle and the weaverbird’s nest (if he did design them), and we are rid of the great non sequitur that he did so in order to keep life going until he could produce the human brain. Another red letter day in the history of the AgnosticWeb.

DAVID: 'Sole purpose and main purpose' still mean humans were the primary purpose.

In the first quote above, the brain is “a” primary purpose. Now it is “the” primary purpose.

DAVID: The bush of life is a purpose in the way He prepared evolution for our production. He purposely took time.

In the first and second quotes, he wanted to create a bush, and the bush was a goal. Now the bush is not a goal but HAS a goal, i.e. as preparation "for our production". Please would you be so kind as to confirm once and for all:

1. You stand by your statement that the human brain was not the sole purpose.
2. You reject your earlier statement that “everything else relates” to the purpose of producing the human brain.
3. You stand by your statement that “the whole bush of life is another goal”.

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