Natures wonders: making spider silk (Introduction)

by dhw, Sunday, August 17, 2014, 10:54 (2017 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID (12 August): A little bit of God in every cell allows Him to control evolution. That makes sense.

DAVID (15 August): The idea that: "A little bit of universal intelligence in every cell allows it to control evolution. That makes sense.”, does not make sense.

But you call God a universal intelligence. If the one makes sense, so must the other.

DAVID: Each cell controlled by the universal consciousness which can then be used to advance evolution. The emphasis is NOT on the cell but on the overall planning agent. Individual soldiers on the battlefield do not plan the battle. They participate in the battle as directed by thier leaders.

Well, YOUR emphasis is on the overall planning agent, if there is one. But let me try to follow your logic. Your God is in every cell controlling evolution but he is outside every cell telling it what to do. And your preferred explanation of evolution is that God preprogrammed every step of the way. If we put the two together, this presumably means that the little bit of God in every cell is the programme he implanted right from the start. If so, the idea that God programmed the very first cells to pass on intricate plans for spider silk, fire ant rafting, eyes, kidneys plus zillions of other “Nature's Wonders” and innovations, all to be implemented billions of years later after billions of other programmes had been implemented, seems to me to require a great deal more faith than the idea that he invented a mechanism that would do its own inventing as and when conditions demanded or allowed. I wonder if he also preprogrammed those first cells to pass plans for the motor car down to our human brain cells (which presumably are also automata but are somehow preprogrammed to enable us to think for ourselves since you believe we have free will). Your alternative, of course, is your God dabbling - i.e. inserting new programmes as he goes along - but that's a problem too, because you are an evolutionist and not a Creationist. St Paul tells us that faith can move mountains. I guess there are plenty of mountains for it to move.

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