Natures wonder: cuttle fish survival mechanism (Introduction)

by dhw, Monday, December 07, 2015, 12:38 (1534 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: We have info passed by chemical agents. We have monkey see/monkey do, and parent animals, especially the jungle cats show the kids how to hunt, so we know the passage of info exists in many ways, but the Cuttles do something that must be watched to be understood, unless there is Cuttlespeak. Now I am a great fan of scientific research, and perhaps we will turn up cuttle-consciousness type of species transfer, as in Sheldrake. Cuttles have brains, so mental telepathy is a possibility.

Unless your God informs each cuttlefish separately, I think we have to accept that they communicate their discoveries, as does/did every other organism throughout the history of evolution.

I am interested in your ideas on telepathy. As a dualist, you believe that the mind is separate from the body, and souls communicate by telepathy and without a brain. This means you believe in the possibility of thought existing independently of the brain. So that gets rid of the argument that organisms without a brain cannot think. Of course, I am not as certain as you about these matters. Organisms without a brain may have the equivalent of a brain. But I am just pointing out that what is good for Davids, doggies, corvids and cuttles may also be good for busy bacteria.

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