Natures wonders: killer penguins hunt in packs (Introduction)

by dhw, Wednesday, October 04, 2017, 14:16 (792 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: These birds did some type of simple analytic thought process to see the usefulness of the objects of play that might then be used as tools. This is their brain at work, which means adaptations require brain work. I do not believe this type of adaptation can happen without a brain.

dhw: If birds have souls, as you believe, what on earth do their souls do if they don’t think? Even what you call “simple analytic thought” is thought. However, I have to agree that bacteria would not be able to make “this type of adaptation” by waggling their wings, or gripping with their claws and beaks – you need wings, claws, beaks and a coordinating brain to do that.

DAVID: We don't know if animal simple consciousness can survive an NDE, since they can't tell us, but I may surprise you. I think their souls work just like ours do and they pass on to an afterlife where we may see them. As for dualism, I have my own concept of it, not confused by philosophic readings on the subject.

Then forget philosophy and focus on your own beliefs. If you believe that organisms with brains have souls like ours which survive the death of the brain, do you or do you not believe that the brain provides them with information and implements their decisions but is NOT responsible for the thought processes that determine their actions? If you believe their thought processes take place in the soul and not the brain, am I right in thinking you believe conscious intelligence (the soul) to be a part of your God’s own conscious intelligence?

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