Natures wonders: a beetle fools ants to give it food (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Friday, August 25, 2017, 19:26 (515 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: It is YOU who keep proposing that the human brain was his sole purpose, and everything else was related to that! You have done so over and over again, and over and over again I have pointed out that this does not fit in with the history of life. Occasionally when cornered you have changed “the” goal to “a” goal, but then you have gone back to “the” goal again. Here is an exchange under “God and evolution” 27 and 28 March 2017, which I have referred to continuously post after post ever since, and which you have continued to defend ever since (my bold):

dhw: The only supposition we have been confronted with is your insistence that your God’s evolutionary purpose was to produce humans.
DAVID: Exactly!
dhw: However, there are interesting changes taking place in your vocabulary. Earlier it became “a” goal instead of “the” goal, and in this post you refer to your God’s “primary” purpose. Perhaps you would elaborate on what you think may have been his other goals/purposes.
DAVID: Humans were His main purpose. Everything else relates to that goal. Do you have any purposes for Him He might want to achieve?

dhw: If you say his “main” purpose for creating life was humans, he must have had other purposes. Please let us know what you think they are.
DAVID: I don't have any others. "He must have" is a requirement you have invented for Him.

dhw: I am delighted that you now believe the human brain was not your God’s sole purpose, and the bush of life was a purpose in itself. Perhaps, then, we can jettison YOUR theory that the whole of evolution was related to producing the human brain. That does not mean our brain is not special, but it does mean that there is no longer any need to ask why your God took so long to achieve his one purpose, and why he bothered to design the pre-whale, the monarch’s lifestyle and the weaverbird’s nest (if he did design them), and we are rid of the great non sequitur that he did so in order to keep life going until he could produce the human brain. Another red letter day in the history of the AgnosticWeb.

'Sole purpose and main purpose' still mean humans were the primary purpose. I've not backed off that. The bush of life is a purpose in the way He prepared evolution for our production. He purposely took time. You cannot answer the point that we are here without any demonstrated need for us, based on evolutionary theory. And only we have consciousness. we'll go round and round covering the same old points.

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