Natures wonders: clever tiny wasp controls another (Introduction)

by BBella @, Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 07:07 (1119 days ago) @ dhw
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David’s comment: Wow! How did this get arranged. Not step by step. Looks like lots of pre-planning. We must eagerly await more research for explanations of the control mechanisms. Is this too minor for God to create?
dhw: Your question echoes the one I have consistently asked whenever you have claimed that these organisms are not intelligent enough to work things out for themselves. What on earth do these weird wonders have to do with your God “balancing nature” in order to produce humans?
DAVID: Each creature's lifestyle fits into an eco-niche of the balance of nature.

Until it fails to fit in and goes extinct - like the other 98% of its fellow creatures - thereby constantly changing the so-called balance of nature.

Dhw: I am quite simply in the dark – though as you may have noticed, that doesn’t stop me groping around in all directions!
DAVID: Yes, please keep groping, you might reach the light of BBella's thoughts and mine. Yes, you are an individual in your own eco-niche contributing to the balance of nature especially in the world of Cricket.

You and BBella have found different lights, and it is a privilege for me and a great credit to yourselves that both of you continue the quest to shed more light on the lights you think you have found! As for my own eco-niche, it is extremely limited, like that of most other individuals, and I doubt very much whether it has had the slightest impact on the balance of nature, especially in the world of cricket!


BBella: The simplest explanation that can be for all of these wondrous things, is that everything is connected (therefore symbiotic by nature on a grand scale) - and therefore everything IS simply an ultimate Inventive Mechanism -Occam's Razor. Yes, could be that simple.

DAVID: Is this because everything at the quantum level is connected?

BBELLA: Yes, on some level somehow I do believe all is connected. I may not be cognitively aware of a star forming in some far out galaxy, but somewhere within all that I AM, I am effected by that star forming. I do believe this, not just because of the science I've studied, but more because the science I studied confirmed what I experienced.

Without in any way questioning the authenticity of your experiences, may I ask: Do you believe that the star forming in some far out galaxy is affected by you?

Yes, since I believe all that IS is connected. I don't know if you had an opportunity to read the article I posted, 'Where Is Time?' but the article hits on the very reason I have this belief.

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