Natures wonders: clever tiny wasp controls another (Introduction)

by dhw, Saturday, January 28, 2017, 12:40 (1115 days ago) @ BBella

QUOTE: “'This is the type of science I love; it leaves us hungrily asking more questions,” David Hughes from Pennsylvania State University, who studies manipulative parasites, told The Atlantic. For example, “how does this wasp get its egg into its soon-to-be excavator? And how does it do that so precisely to stop the activity at a stage where the hole is large enough just for a head to block, but not for the body of the manipulatee to emerge?'”

David’s comment: Wow! How did this get arranged. Not step by step. Looks like lots of pre-planning. We must eagerly await more research for explanations of the control mechanisms. Is this too minor for God to create?

Your question echoes the one I have consistently asked whenever you have claimed that these organisms are not intelligent enough to work things out for themselves. What on earth do these weird wonders have to do with your God “balancing nature” in order to produce humans?

BBELLA: The simplest explanation that can be for all of these wondrous things, is that everything is connected (therefore symbiotic by nature on a grand scale) - and therefore everything IS simply an ultimate Inventive Mechanism -Occam's Razor. Yes, could be that simple.

The history of evolution suggests a mixture of competition and cooperation. For me the simplest explanation for these strange lifestyles is that all living organisms have a drive for survival and in some cases improvement, and they all have different forms and degrees of intelligence to implement that drive. Some succeed and some fail. I would agree that all forms of life are dependent on other forms of life and on their particular environment, but I would also say that all individuals are just as much individuals as they are part of something greater. I can’t in all honesty say that I feel connected to all the solar systems that have come and gone, or to the weaverbird’s nest, and I would not regard the little blue wasp’s “clever” destruction of the crypt gall wasp as a wondrous example of two organisms entering into a grand symbiotic relationship. If the crypt gall wasp could speak my language, I reckon he’d agree with me! But that does not mean I am isolated, or that I dismiss the concept of morphic fields and morphic resonance, or that I reject the idea of a unifying spirit David calls God and you call the ALL THAT IS. I am quite simply in the dark – though as you may have noticed, that doesn’t stop me groping around in all directions!

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