Natures wonders: how plants became carnivores (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Saturday, February 18, 2017, 19:14 (1094 days ago) @ BBella

BBella: Using your imagination (it doesnt have to be factual), how would you imagine he helped? Using what methods?

David: I don't have to use my imagination. We know the genomic controls are still not completely understood, but speciation occurs. God manipulated internal genome controls.

BBela: I understand those occurrences you pointed out did happen. But, you say above God manipulated internal genome controls. In what way? How? This is where I am asking you to use your imagination as an observer to this manipulation. What do you think you would be observing if you were watching "how" God did it in the moment of time it was done?

God would have had to change genes with new mutations. He would modify transcription and translation factors, thus changing the direction of genome drives. That is a technical description. He does this with his mind. If you read my entry yesterday on the development of the big brain and all the problems it presents to the Darwin theory, it indicates that must be a designer at work. Do you have an another view in mind?

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