dhw: big brain evolution:comparing chimp and brain organoids (Evolution)

by dhw, Monday, April 22, 2019, 09:11 (583 days ago) @ David Turell

Friday 28 February at 16.05:
DAVID: Haven't you realized by now, I have no idea why God chose to evolve humans over time.

dhw: I’m sorry, but if you have no idea why your God might have chosen your interpretation of his method in order to achieve your interpretation of his goal, I don’t know how you can claim to “fully understand” what happened, and I would still suggest that your incomprehension may indicate that one or both of your interpretations may be flawed.

DAVID: Another irrational complaint. I accept the actual history of what occurred as representing God's choice. I don't read his mind even if you think I should and you think you might be able to. My 'understanding' is that God chose the way to get there.

dhw: If God exists, I also accept the actual history of what occurred as representing his choice, and that evolution was the way he chose to get “there”. The question is what he chose and where he wanted to get! You have no idea why he would have chosen to specially design billions of non-human life forms and styles and natural wonders before specially designing the only form you think he wanted to design, but you claim to “fully understand it”, and you regard my objection as “irrational”.

DAVID: You irrationally ask me to give you a reason for God's choice of method in that He created an evolutionary process to create humans. I've accepted God as in charge, and have accepted His choice of method. I cannot know His thought patterns leading to that choice, and under your urging we have explored all of the limiting possibilities, but of course, can each no conclusions.

You constantly take it for granted that your INTERPRETATION is a fact! Yes, if he exists he created an evolutionary process. No, you have no justification for assuming that he created the whole process only in order to create human beings. Yes, if God exists we must all accept that he is in charge – but that does not exclude a decision not to exercise complete control – and yes we must accept his choice of method, but not your insistence that the sole purpose of the evolutionary method was to create humans. Not only can you not know his thought patterns, but you cannot know his purpose. The fact that you have no idea why he would have chosen evolution as his method for achieving the purpose you attribute him suggests that either your interpretation of evolution (all life forms etc. specially designed) or your interpretation of his purpose or both interpretations are flawed.

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