Big brain evolution: new human brain area found (Evolution)

by dhw, Friday, December 07, 2018, 13:22 (687 days ago) @ David Turell

Dhw: As regards new areas, we would need to know the whole history of brain evolution, starting with the very first brains, to establish when new areas formed in pre-chimpanzee and then pre-human brains. Just as we would need to know what new areas formed to create every organ that distinguishes us from bacteria. But yes, every new organ and every new part of an organ requires the coalition and cooperation of cell communities – whether your God guided them or not. It’s the same issue: are cells intelligent enough to innovate? You say no, and I say maybe.

DAVID: Neat dodge. This is a demonstrated biologic gap, not a bony gap where it can be used as an excuse that we simply haven't found the fossils to fill the gap. This gap supports my design and designer argument.

dhw: Neat dodge. It doesn’t matter what sort of gap it is; changes to any part of the body always require the coalition and cooperation of cell communities, whether God guides them or not.

DAVID: Neat dodge. There is no cooperation by cells if the are redesigned and made into a new construction by a designer. The cells become what they are designed to become. You and I explain gaps very differently.

Neat dodge. Your “if” is the big question! The cell communities must still cooperate, whether newly designed by your God or by themselves. The question is when the cooperation begins. If conditions required an additional capacity for "receiving sensory and motor information from our bodies to refine our posture, balance and movements”, then I suggest the cell communities would have responded to that requirement by cooperating to provide the new capacity, just like pre-baleen cell communities replacing teeth with baleens as an improved method of feeding. But you believe your God fiddled with the cell communities of both the pre-baleen whale and the human brain beforehand, to make them cooperate in a new way. It’s the same question as always. Theistic version: did your God preprogramme/dabble the restructuring of the cell communities before change was required, or did he give them the means to restructure themselves in response to changing conditions?

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