dhw:Big brain evolution: comparing chimp and brain organoids (Evolution)

by dhw, Thursday, March 07, 2019, 10:14 (593 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: My problem is I do not see 'logical flaws'. We have covered all the possible reasons God used an evolutionary process. I've agreed all of our reasoning is logical, but I've made as choice in what I believe is the most likely, which is God's goal was human beings and am happy to accept it as part of my belief system. I fully understand your position tah t you cannot make a choice.

dhw: Your belief that our brain was your God’s one and only goal from the very beginning is not the ‘logical flaw’! The logical flaw is in the combination of your fixed beliefs: 1) that this was his one and only goal, 2) he is always in complete control, and yet 3) he spent 3.5+ billion years specially designing millions of other life forms, econiches, lifestyles and natural wonders and indeed anything but the only thing he wanted to design. This is what you keep admitting you cannot explain, i.e. it is illogical. Therefore at least one of those three hypotheses is likely to be wrong, i.e. we were not his only goal, he was not in complete control, or he did not specially design every other life form etc.

DAVID: It is not illogical. If God is in control, He has the absolute right to chose his method of creation. And I have the logical right to accept that conclusion. I certainly agree with you that we both have the right to discuss why He might have made that decision, but we have never come up with anything other than unproven theories, because that is all we can accomplish. It is your confusion About God's right to chose a method that is on exhibition. I believe He is in full control. You are the one who is not sure of that because you don't accept God's powers, and I know that.

In your first post above you pinpoint the hypothesis of humans as the only goal. Now you shift to the hypothesis of full control. It is the irreconcilability of these two hypotheses plus the third that is illogical. Of course your God has the right to choose his method of creation. That is absolutely NOT what is on “exhibition”! Yet again: what is on exhibition is your fixed belief that he is in full control, that his one and only purpose was to produce the brain of H. sapiens, and yet he chose to spend 3.5+ billion years designing anything but the brain of H. sapiens. You yourself keep admitting that you cannot understand this “method”. Over and over again I have presented other perfectly logical theistic interpretations of life’s history (two of which allow for him to be in full control), but you cling to your fixed belief in the three combined hypotheses above, even though you find their combination inexplicable.

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