Big brain evolution: changes in sapiens skull shape;addendum (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 14:47 (956 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I'm not glossing over anything. What happens in life is different than the circumstance in death. In life we must use our brain to reach our s/s/c, nothing more. And only our complex brain has allowed the advances humans have created.

dhw: Once more: we ARE our s/s/c. “The s/s/c plays the same role in life and in death: it is the thinking, experiencing, remembering, decision-making YOU. Yes or no?” You replied yes. “Dualists believe that there is an immaterial s/s/c that works with the brain in life, but the same s/s/c separates from the brain in death, and that is the THINKING you.” You responded “I agree”. Of course what happens in life is different from what happens in death, but you agree that your dualism means the s/s/c is what does the THINKING. And of course our complex brain has allowed the advances in the material world. We would not be able to give material expression/implementation to the thoughts of the THINKING s/s/c without our material brains and bodies!

We still differ: In life I cannot reach my s/s/c without using my brain. In life my s/s/c is not floating around separate from my brain as you constantly imply, but firmly interfaced with it. I cannot enter new concepts or change my immaterial personality without using my brain to think. That is not just external implementation but actual internal modification of my s/s/c by my own free will.

DAVID: No need for an expansion of the skull opposite to your theory that forceful concepts create bigger skulls.

dhw: There is obviously still room in the sapiens skull for brain areas to expand! Expansion of the pre-sapiens skull is an established scientific fact. You claim God did it because pre-sapiens couldn’t have come up with new thoughts until he had a bigger brain. If the thoughts of cab drivers and musicians cause expansion to certain areas of the brain, it is logical to deduce that thoughts may have caused expansion to pre-sapiens brains, and the time came when the skull was not large enough to contain the expanding brain, and so the skull expanded.

The changes in cabby and musician brains is in memory areas which are then used by the pre-frontal areas. No need for expansion as you have just pointed out. Your 'logical' explanation does not fit 200 cc sudden jumps in frontal size between advancing species.

Dhw: …please note that anyone who insists that thought is impossible without a functioning prefrontal cortex is siding with the materialists.

DAVID: Yes, in life. Death is in a different set of circumstances.

dhw: Are you now saying that in life the s/s/c can’t THINK without the pfc, even though you agree that the s/s/c plays the same THINKING role in life as in death? Please clarify what you are saying “yes” to here.

In life the s/s/c does not think without using the brain.

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