dhw: big brain evolution:comparing chimp and brain organoids (Evolution)

by dhw, Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 13:19 (616 days ago) @ David Turell

Dhw: […] The fact that NO explanations are provable does not alter the fact that you continue to “harp on” about each of your three hypotheses although you are fully aware that in combination they do not make sense.

DAVID: Of course I have explained it, but not to your satisfaction. The only thing I can't explain, because I can't read God's mind as to why He chose evolution as a method. But I can interpret the real history. If God is fully in charge and all-powerful, He has, and you've agreed, the right to choose His method of producing whatever He wishes. He has produced the most complex of all living things, the human mind in the human brain. I follow Adler's logic, a leading American philosopher, that we are different in kind and that predicts the existence of God in action and His intention. You love to quote beloved experts whose ideas you live by. I have the same right to live by Adler. I offer Adler's logical argument to answer you. When will you fully accept God made His choice of method to achieve goals? Evolution, obviously, must work toward desired endpoints.

You simply refuse to recognize that it is the COMBINATION of your hypotheses that doesn’t make sense. Instead you separate them, and each one on its own is logical. Yes, your God may be all-powerful. Yes, if he exists, of course he chose evolution as his method to achieve his goals (though you keep insisting there was only one: H. sapiens. What do you think were his other goals?) Yes, the human mind is special. Why in this summary have you left out your hypothesis that he specially designed every innovation, econiche, lifestyle and natural wonder in the history of life? THAT is the issue you continually sidestep: not why he chose evolution as a method, but why until 300,000 years ago he chose to design anything but the one thing he wanted to design. You use the same dodge in our next exchange, which we needn’t repeat.

You force me to repeat alternative theistic interpretations of life’s “real history”: maybe your God had other goals, maybe he’s not all-powerful, maybe he was experimenting, maybe he did not specially design every life form, econiche etc., maybe he didn’t want to be “fully in charge”, maybe he wanted an evolutionary free-for-all. But no, you refuse to consider such logical alternatives, all of which fit in with the "real history", and you stick to your illogical COMBINATION of hypotheses which you insist was God’s choice: “I, the all-powerful God, only want to design H. sapiens, and therefore I choose to design millions of life forms to eat or not eat one another until I design the only life form I want to design.” That is not your God’s choice, that is your interpretation of your God’s choice, and it doesn’t make sense even to you.

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