Big brain evolution: new human brain area found (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, December 09, 2018, 15:10 (662 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: (under “New found plant defences”) [...] How did Pseudomonas bacteria learn to mimic jasmonic acid? Trial and error? Did God bother to design this? At times the findings have no apparent explanation.

dhw: I like your question about whether your God would bother, and once more you are confronted with the fact that you can’t find an explanation. How about the hypothesis that cells/cell communities have their own form of intelligence (possibly God-given) to work out their own ways to survive and/or to improve their chances of survival?

DAVID: I not disappointed at not seeing a possible God move. Remember I don't live in his mind but you are there all the time. I make an attempt to explain what I can, if i see something logical as a reason.

dhw: You have already entered his mind when you tell us that his sole purpose for creating life and evolution was to produce H. sapiens so that we would think about him and have a relationship with him. You say the new found plant defences have no apparent explanation. I offer you a possible explanation which includes your God as its possible source, but you won’t even consider it.

My analysis pattern about God differs from yours. I identified God's purpose from the unlikely ending of evolution in human beings. That is about as far as I ever went in thought until you asked me for possible motives. Very true, I'd n ever thought about motives. So I cooked up some for you, but I know it is all guess work. I've even said the chances for a relationship from God's standpoint are 50/50, which is a quote from Adler I accept, since he as a religious expert, doing lots more thought than I've given to the subject.. 50/50, as you will recognize from our cell discussions, means it is an open issue. All of your ruminations about God's purposes are logical and possible, but don't fit my frame of belief. Doesn't mean I am right, but it is what I am most comfortable with. Not surprising, faith offers comfort.

My major consideration has always been the complexity of the design in living organisms. Design requires a designing mind. An absolutely logical point, which cannot be refuted, as all our experience shows. No motives involved in that view. No humanizing either.

That you are not satisfied with your position re' God is evidenced by this website of yours. Is it comfortable? Who has participated here? My memory of the visitors are theists and atheists, and Romansh as a sort-of agnostic. Do you have a breakdown? I know you have learned how much of Darwin was incorrect, and lots of biochemistry. Does it help?

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