dhw: big brain evolution:comparing chimp and brain organoids (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Thursday, March 21, 2019, 18:43 (581 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: It is not a dodge. Evolution implies using time to create. It took until 300,000 years ago to reach the point He wanted. The rest is still food supply to get there. And you are skipping the importance of Adler's analysis.

dhw: I have acknowledged that the human mind is special. Evolution has gone on for 3.8 billion years, so of course it takes time. That does not explain why an all-powerful God with a single purpose decided to create billions of other life forms, econiches, lifestyles and natural wonders so that organisms could eat or not eat one another until in his all-powerfulness he specially designed the only thing he wanted to design. You can’t explain it. Please tell me Adler’s explanation. If Adler doesn’t explain it, then there is no point in referring to Adler as if he does.

Once again you have donned the mantle of religion's pundit: God is all-powerful so why decide to wait through 3.8 billion years. That is impatient human reasoning, not God's. We've been over this before: God may not be totally all-everything, and although He could easily produce a universe made of elementary particles at the Big Bang, even it evolved after that. Since living organisms are so much more complex, perhaps He had limits, and had to evolve or just as simply, He chose this method (and we don't know why using our human reasoning). History makes it plain God chose to evolve because that it was happened. In your fence sitting pose as an agnostic, why do you stick to accepting God's all-powerful persona? Only because you think it allows you to argue with me. Surprise! I've taken full account of the issue: I don't know if God is really all-powerful, as I've considered the issue, and fully understand He might have limits as He directs evolution. Whether it is forced choice or not, He made a choice, and made the bush broad enough to supply food energy for all while all teh required time passed until now.

As for Adler, his only point over several hundred pages of previously given speeches mainly theological and philosophical, exploring the meaning of human differences to previous living beings. Adler gives no explanation for evolution, but as far as vastly different humans arrived, that vast difference proves God exists. In his book for atheists and 'pagans'. he uses a different proof, involving creation of and maintenance of the universe. I remind you Adler was born Jewish, became a philosophic adviser to the Catholic church and died Catholic.

dhw: You force me to repeat alternative theistic interpretations of life’s “real history”: maybe your God had other goals, maybe he’s not all-powerful, maybe he was experimenting, maybe he did not specially design every life form, econiche etc., maybe he didn’t want to be “fully in charge”, maybe he wanted an evolutionary free-for-all. […]

DAVID: Stop telling me what to think. It makes perfect sense. God's choice is God's choice. There is no other interpretation except your constant struggling to read God's mind in a humanizing way.

dhw: Of course God’s choice is God’s choice, but your interpretation of his choice and method is inexplicable even to you, and so I am not telling you what to think, but I am offering you different alternatives for consideration. Identifying God’s purpose and choice of method entails attempting to read God’s mind. Why do you think your own inexplicable reading of his mind is the only true one, when you have acknowledged that all the other interpretations of purpose and method I have offered fit in logically with the “real history” of life?

It is your interpretation that is wrong: Above, I've fully explained our difference in thought. You create your own problem of interpretation. I am trying to show you why you should stop struggling. I'm at peace.

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