Big brain evolution:changes in sapiens ;addendum II (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, February 18, 2018, 21:36 (982 days ago) @ David Turell

I'll add a review of the high school shooting in Florida to help make my point which you have obviously missed about needing brain development to age 25 to be able to fully assess the consequences of adolescent planned actions:

The shooter used a high speed rifle to kill and wound in a three minutes period. He indiscriminately shot through classroom doors small windows, a totally impersonal action. Before the act he was found in a boy's bathroom loading the clips and said to the 14 year old, "you'd better get out. Bad things are going to happen". The 14 year-old didn't tell anyone but ran out. The 19 year-old simply wanted to act impersonally, didn't hurt ote 14 year-old, crying out for help because he was so disturbed and not fully understanding the enormity of his acting out. The kid is not crazy. He fully planned the event.

What does this mean to our discussion? This kid could not reach a rational conclusion. By psychiatric theory his pre-frontal cortex was not physically developed enough to allow him to reach a proper analysis of the outcome of his plan, both as it applies to him and to his victims. His attorney has already brought this up in his defense. From the viewpoint of this discussion his s/s/c did not have the brain hardware to work with, since it was still underdeveloped. As I've said all along, the s/s/c must have sophisticated brain hardware to achieve advanced conceptualization. Complexity first, artifacts second, as shown by this episode.

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