Big brain evolution: our special gene is identified (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Friday, January 11, 2019, 15:31 (656 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I still view it as implanted intelligence from intelligent information. From the outside no different than your proposal.

dhw: Perhaps one day you will define what you mean by “intelligent information”. Either cells/cell communities are automatons whose decisions have been preprogrammed, or they make their decisions autonomously.

Described over and over: 'Int-inf' is a complete set of instructions for cells to respond to all stimuli they must deal with.

dhw: The result is the same either way, which is why you keep acknowledging that the odds in favour/against are 50/50. If your 50/50 hypothesis is worth considering, then so is Shapiro’s.

Shapiro describes the int-inf ability of bacteria to edit their DNA to a small degree. 50/50 is that one must interpret cell-process research as observers. All that is seen is molecular reactions creating logical responses which obviously could be mandated by instructions in the genome. Since cells function with new proteins created at high speed the processes are automatic. If a new stimulus is encountered, since the maintenance of life is at high speed, proper responses are automatic.

DAVID (re dragonflies): from uncommon descent website: "The question that it raises is, how do the insects “know” that they should migrate over several generations? When a larva becomes a pupa, the body completely dissolves and is reconstituted as an adult. Where and how exactly does the information survive? Reside?" I couldn't phrase the dilemma any better and remember it is the same for monarchs. These insects could not have worked this out stepwise. Only design fits. Obviously the genes survive the metamorphosis in the liquid phase.

dhw: If you mean design as opposed to chance, I agree. There is no way the repeated generational and migration pattern can have arisen by chance. But this only brings us back to our usual discussion: what was the original method of design? Cellular intelligence, your own divine, 3.8 byo programme, divine dabbling? In all cases, the pattern has to be passed on somehow. Through the genes and cell memory (see my first comment above)?

Design dominates in our discussion. Design comes from a designing mind. Where is your designer?

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