Big brain evolution: our mutation rate is slowing (Evolution)

by dhw, Thursday, January 24, 2019, 10:12 (814 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: Even if we are the end point, that does not mean that we were the one and only purpose from the very beginning, which is the “contention” that causes all the contortions in your logic. But let’s meet in, say, a thousand million years’ time, and see what evolution has produced.

DAVID: No contortions, just logic. Facts tell us life started with simple forms and reached the most complex in H. sapiens by evolution. And that final form has consciousness which exists in no other organism and can recognize a non-apparent God might exist. Full logical circle. It presents a purposeful non-human God.

I’d hesitate to say that in a thousand million years’ time humans will still be the “final form”, but otherwise all agreed, except that there is no full logical circle. Firstly, evolution neither proves nor disproves the existence of your God. Secondly, of course if he exists he is purposeful and non-human, but the fact that we are the most complex does not mean we were the one and only purpose from the very beginning. And thirdly, you have left out the fact that even you cannot explain the logic behind your personal hypothesis that an always-in-control God had one purpose from the very beginning, namely to specially design H. sapiens, but chose to spend 3.5+ billion years specially designing millions of other life forms, lifestyles and natural wonders so that the life forms could eat one another until he did the only thing he wanted to do.

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