Big brain evolution: changes in sapiens skull shape (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Saturday, February 03, 2018, 19:30 (997 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: but you still haven’t explained why the ever-changing bush of life, which includes humans, could not denote that your God’s purpose was to produce an ever-changing bush of life that includes humans.

I've already stated that the bush of life leads to humans. Including humans, whose complexity is not needed for survival, shows that it was God's purpose. I'm simply saying we are involved beyond any reason for it. We are too spectacular for anything other than His purpose.

DAVID: It seems to me you have described a brainless process of producing a written play. Aren't you thinking in that thing that occupies your skull in the brain pan?

dhw: Yet again, do you or do you not believe that the soul does the thinking and the brain does the implementing? You've said umpteen times that you do, and yet still you insist that you can't THINK without your brain/computer. Of course the brain is inside the head, and you the dualist will have to tell me where you think the soul is located.

Yet again, while the brain is alive, the s/s/c uses it for the individual's human thought, not just the implementation.

dhw: You are the dualist, but even a dualist does not infer that his brain is separate from his body! Yes, your brain is the onboard computer, and according to you, your soul provides the ideas which the computer implements by giving them material form. If you now think the soul is incapable of thinking without the brain and you are incapable of working out your answers without your computer, then renounce your dualism, and we can tackle the issue of brain enlargement from a materialist standpoint.

Of course in life I am attached to a functional brain. I cannot, while alive, communicate with my immaterial s/s/c except though my material brain mechanisms (cortex). If my brain function is absent, but I am sustained in resuscitation, I am not aware of my s/s/c's experiences; I am not aware of my s/s/c's experiences until I am reconnectd to a functional brain. NDE's tell us this clearly, or don't you believe that concept? Clear dualism.

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