dhw:Big brain evolution: comparing chimp and brain organoids (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 18:23 (569 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Don't transpose your style of human reasoning to me. I have never said His choice of using evolution to create was illogical. What I admit is I have no way of knowing why He made that choice and you and I have discussed all the possibilities thoroughly, but none are provable.

dhw: You have said your hypothesis doesn’t fit my human logic. You have also said you have no idea why your always-in-full-control God would have chosen to spend billions of years specially designing millions of life forms to eat or not eat one another until he specifically designed the only thing he wanted to design. The fact that no hypothesis is provable is not the point. If you can’t find a logical explanation, may I suggest that your hypothesis doesn’t fit your human logic either?

Your insistence on a 'logical' explanation cannot affect my position, since I have no way of knowing why He made choice to evolve life to this point. Logic is accepting God's choice.

DAVID: Humans are currently the most complex of all created. It is easy to read what has been created as God's purpose. Otherwise why create any specific item?

dhw: Your question is right to the point. According to you, he specially created millions and millions of specific items, so if the human brain was his only purpose, why specially create specific items such as dinosaurs, whale flippers, cuttlefish camouflage and weaverbirds’ nests?

To repeat: a bush of life creates the ecosystems that provide food for all, so evolution can take the time it needs.

DAVID: Frankly, it is difficult to visualize anything more complex than our brains. Yes, they could evolve to being more complex. And I've admitted you have the right to your own hypotheses which are no more logical than mine. The difference is I put more weight on certain aspects of the factors/considerations than you do.

dhw: As usual, you now pick on part of just one of the three hypotheses, in this case the superiority of the human brain, which of course I accept. And if this was his one and only purpose, I have offered you a logical explanation for the delay (experimentation). What is not logical is the combination of your three hypotheses: God always in control, God with one purpose (H. sapiens’ brain), God specially designing anything but H. sapiens brain until 300,000 years ago. Please stop separating your three hypotheses – it is the combination that you cannot explain, because it is the combination that is illogical.

You cannot reconcile why God-in-charge chose to wait to evolve the most complex item of all, our brain. I don't have to try to reconcile it. God demonstrates His pattern of development. God started the universe with the Big Bang and it evolved over time. Our Milky Way is about 3.5 byo, about 0.3 billion years after the BB. Our sun is about 5 byo, the Earth is about 4.5 byo. The Earth then evolved enough for the start of life to appear at 3.5+ byo. As I've pointed out in the past, God obviously appears to prefer evolving His purposes. That is my accepted historical evidence. You surely can understand this approach to the issue. My theories don't just pop up out of thin air!

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