Big brain evolution: changes in sapiens skull shape;addendum (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, March 07, 2018, 18:32 (960 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Please read carefully what I present. My view of the s/s/c is presented above. It functions interfaced with the brain in life and on its own in the afterlife, perhaps slightly different in quantum mechanism. The information, memories and thought processes are the same in both places and in both forms, and you know my theory!

dhw: I do know your theory, and you are repeating what I have just said! So if it is the same, how can you argue that intelligence “springs” from the s/s/c being able to use an advanced brain, and yet you still have your intelligence in the afterlife WITHOUT your advanced brain? Or do think your s/s/c (which is the same in both places) can think without its intelligence?

In the other entry I've explained, as I have over and over, the s/s/c interfaces in life in one way with the brain and in death in a different way with the afterlife. I believe it is a quantum mechanism which carries all of its intelligence in both circumstances but may be slightly different in how it operates in b oth places.

DAVID: The brain IS material and it acts as a receiver for the s/s/c. In dualism part of the issue is always that the material part of the arrangement must play an equal role. Why can't you see that? Part of the brain is running the body, part of it is conceptualizing with the s/s/c.

dhw: Do you now think the pfc and the s/s/c hold discussions and come up with a concept for which each is 50% responsible?

The s/s/c is the software for the material computer-like brain. They interface and work together as I generate thought in life. I sit here feeling my self generates the thoughts under my control. You keep separating s/s/c and brain. You can't. I am still at the point of I think therefore I am.

DAVID: Einstein's thickened area permitted the appearance of his genius s/s/c. Complex thought development (immaterial) requires a more complex material brain. Pure dualism.

dhw: Requires the brain to do what? To do the thinking? From your dualist standpoint: Firstly, his genius could not have “appeared” (= material manifestation) without the means to give it material expression (the brain). Secondly, in life all thought, complex or not, requires a brain if it is to be expressed or implemented. If you believe in NDEs, however, thought itself does NOT require a brain. Thought is the province of the s/s/c. So Einstein would still be a genius in an afterlife even without his prefrontal cortex.

Of course. You've gotten my concept.

DAVID: Further we measure IQ. There is a normal range from below 100 to folks with 150+. Part is difference in training to think, part is in brain structure, as research in genomes for responsible genes testifies. The s/s/c can develop more deep complexity of concepts with a more complex underlying brain in the interface.

dhw: IQ tests depend on lots of different factors, as does the self/soul. Stick to dualism v materialism. Concepts are concepts, no matter how deep the complexity, and you have to decide whether it is the s/s/c that does the thinking or the pfc. If you believe the s/s/c cannot THINK without the pfc, you are a materialist. No shame in that, but forget about NDEs.

Again, confusing the interface in life and death. The s/s/c adapts to each circumstance. And IQ is an issue. An IQ of 70 does not have the same brain as an IQ of 150 no matter how much it tries. s/s/c is software for the computer brain. The more complex and bigger the brain, the more the s/s/c can accomplish. I am a double dualist, in life and differently in death, as I've explained. I AM NOT A MATERIALIST, but I understand the brain has parts with differing functions, and that must be excepted as factual. After all, the brain is wet material and is responsive to our use as s/s/c's with its plasticity.

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