DAVID: Biological complexity: mammalian pregnancy is a war (Introduction)

by dhw, Tuesday, December 03, 2019, 10:43 (212 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: If one assumes God is in charge of every thing, it was His choice to do it this way.

dhw: One should assume nothing. […] The history and this particular purpose [to design H. sapiens] fit together far more comfortably if your God was experimenting (one of several logical alternatives to your theory).

DAVID: It is your agnosticism that assumes nothing.


DAVID: If God had not produced the bush of life, but only humans, they would not have survived! Again you are expecting a God with the ability to directly create humans without the bush, or create the whole bush.

They wouldn’t have survived without those parts of the bush of life that have enabled them to survive! Why do you ignore the 3.X billion years’ worth of bush that had nothing to do with humans? This is the illogical part of your theory, bearing in mind your claim that your always-in-control God’s only purpose was to create H. sapiens!

DAVID: On the other hand you seem to accept evolution as God's work in experimentation, the same God who created the universe, the special Earth, and started life. You never look at the whole picture of why I believe from all the evidence.

If your God exists, then I have no problem with any of the above. My quarrel is with your theory that his sole purpose for all of it was to design H. sapiens, and you have no idea why he spent 3.X billion years specially designing anything but H. sapiens! Experimentation would cover the whole of the above, as would humans as a late arrival in his thinking, but “you never look at the whole picture”.

DAVID: Intricate design requires a designer. Evidence is seen in creation of this universe, creation of a perfect planet for life (Earth), fine tuning for life, creation of life, and then evolving a creature with consciousness. If all of this happened by chance, we are lucky to an infinite degree. Luck or purposeful?

dhw: You have skipped from evolution of life to evolution of the universe, thereby glossing over your particular theory concerning divine dabbling and first cells being provided with billions of programmes for the whole of life’s history, as opposed to (perhaps divinely designed) cellular intelligence. The latter theory is every bit as “purposeful” as the former.

DAVID: Cells are driven by intelligently designed processes and responses. They look intelligent.

Your usual statement of subjective opinion disguised as fact.

DAVID: Shapiro's bacteria are forerunners of stem cells in my theory.

This is very interesting. I have frequently mentioned my suspicion that stem cells are the key to evolution, but you are in a far better position than I am to develop this idea. If you do so, please start a new thread.

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