Cellular intelligence: (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, December 20, 2021, 16:26 (233 days ago) @ dhw

T cells

DAVID: The difference is obvious to anyone who actually believes in God, instead of pretend.

dhw: Please explain why a God who designs a system that leads to mistakes which he cannot correct is “obviously” less human than a God who designs a system that allows for individual decision-making.

I am discussing God's personality as related to purpose, compared to yours. Your question does not apply.

dhw: It is you who unwittingly present chance mutations in the form of “errors” which your God cannot control even though he designed the system himself! I am proposing deliberate decisions as an alternative. Intelligent Design as the product of intelligent cells (possibly designed by your God) is NOT random.

DAVID: Again in your imagination, a weak God who allows secondhand design.

dhw: Please explain why a God who cannot control the “errors” committed by the system he designed, is stronger than a God who deliberately gives organisms the intelligence to do their own designing.

Another weird approach to discussing the underlying philosophy and personality of God. Totally off the point. You obviously have no answer to my criticism of your imagined God.


dhw: It all makes perfect sense. Each body is a community of cells, and each change in each cell community requires cooperation with the rest of the body. We are lucky to have fossils that show series of changes resulting in “transitional legs in the water”. (Exit your theory that your God changes bodies overnight BEFORE they have to cope with new conditions.) Just how long other changes took, and in what order they occurred, is impossible to tell without a complete step-by-step fossil record, but no one will disagree that at all stages, the cell communities must have worked together to reorganize the reproductive system.

DAVID: Or God redesigned them.

dhw: Yes, but he would also have had to ensure that they all worked together.


DAVID: The problem is the fossil series gaps. If accepted, we must deal with de novo appearance, which supports design and a designer.

dhw: So do you think he operated on pre-whales’ reproductive systems and noses before they entered the water, or do you think he realized once they were in the water that he needed to perform more operations, because transitional flippers were only the start of the problem? I am trying to understand how you visualize your God’s procedures as he designs and then redesigns every single life form as part of his one and only goal to design sapiens plus food.

I don't visualize God's timing, since we only have finished models to view. obviously designed for the conditions at hand.

A cell repair design

DAVID: "Choices available to components' takes us back to your unproven intelligent cells inventing complex designs.

dhw: Of course it does, and it takes us away from your unproven God and his unproven limitations and his unproven errors and his unproven attempts to correct them.

Not everything we learn offers your required rigid proofs. Where is your proof of brilliant designing cells creating new species?

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