Cellular intelligence: (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 15:49 (239 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: (under more miscellany”): 50/50 is an appraisal of possibility, nothing more. Pick your side from what you see as proof. You have none, but I show cell automaticity on many days, no thought involved.

dhw: I keep pointing out that most cellular actions ARE automatic, and have to be if a system is to remain the same. It’s only origins and changing conditions that require intelligence (i.e. changes to what existed before).

dhw: Perhaps you could comment on this observation?

Origin of life or of new species requires intelligent design, my constant position. Using the Cambrian gap, no major environmental changes have been found, but I have carefully documented here the few papers that discussed possible factors of change. Go look back.

T cells:
DAVID: You cannot use human 'learning' to fit the language in biochemistry. When the T cell recognizes non-self and thereby discovers a foreign protein is present, it automatically invents an answer which identifies the invader, by attaching a protein marker, which allows it to be destroyed or neutralized. That is learning in biochemical speak!!

dhw: So if cells already have God-given “algorithms” to correct errors and to kill foreign invaders, how do you account for the fact that vast numbers of victims (from bacteria to humans) can die before a solution to each new problem is found?

DAVID: Errors are still present, re theodicy.

dhw: But if all life forms have an algorithm to correct the errors, why doesn’t it work until thousands/millions have died?

Death is a built-in necessary part of God's living system. Also re view cell proptosis.

dhw: The rest of this post is discussed under "Return to David’s Theory of Evolution".

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