Introducing the brain: half a brain is just fine (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 20:06 (94 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: You continue to ignore the prime point in my theory: the NEW IDEA DOES NOT REQUIRE A LARGER BRAIN because it arises out of information already known. It is the design and production that require expansion. Whether production is easier than design is irrelevant. Only when the initial concept has been formed (kill bison from a distance) is the brain called into action to begin implementation (= design and production), and it is these tasks that require expansion.

I do not ignore your weird concept. I totally do not accept it as a logical theory. New design is an immaterial thought experiment requiring advanced complexity in the brain/soul. Making the tool/artifact is the easy part.

dhw: I don’t like to delve too deep into precise figures. […] The fossil record does not provide a continuous record of expansions![…]

DAVID:I give the average finding of jump in size, all big.

dhw:The average means some are smaller and some are bigger.

dhw: Not answered.

All the averages are large: 150-200 cc

dhw: How can you possibly reject the argument that nobody can know whether the first artefacts were produced by an already enlarged brain, or their design and production were the cause of the brain’s enlargement?

DAVID: Against all I have read and reported to you.

dhw: You have reported that archaeologists don’t deal with possible reasons for expansion, and you simply refuse to answer my question, so I’ll bold it and ask you again to answer it.

Once again they assume what new artifacts are found with the larger brained fossils were made by those fossils. Have you seen the opposite?

dhw: The natural level is that the smaller brain has an idea and the effort to implement (design and produce) the original concept requires greater capacity – hence enlargement. What facts do you have to prove that this is backwards?

DAVID: I can only use the way my brain works and common sense, while you keep distorting the findings that bigger brained fossils have better artifacts with them, and must have conceived of them and made them, which is exactly how archaeologists present findings.

dhw: Yes, bigger brained fossils have better artefacts with them. And you continue to ignore the question I asked above. Yet again: I propose that designing and producing the FIRST of these artefacts will have been the cause of the bigger brain. Then the bigger brain goes on to conceive, design and produce more artefacts until the next major innovative concept requires further expansion in order to design and produce it. Now please answer the question bolded above.

DAVID: Outside this natural arguing, I still say God makes all new species and enlarged all brains +/- 200 cc at a jump.

dhw: And I still ask why you think your God could not simply have created the mechanism enabling the natural progression I have described.

You describe a different God than the God I have my faith in.

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