Introducing the brain: Albrecht-Buehler addendum (Introduction)

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If one googles 'cell intelligence' A-B's entry pops up first. so that is how you found him and glommed onto him because he so fits your desires for a theory that avoids God's controls. but this is current thinking on the biochemistry of how cells produce their work:

"Although there are many possible biochemical reactions, they fall into only a few types to consider:

"Oxidation and reduction: For example, the interconversion of an alcohol and an aldehyde.

"Movement of functional groups within or between molecules For example, the transfer of phosphate groups from one oxygen to another.

"Addition and removal of water: For example, hydrolysis of an amide linkage to an amine and a carboxyl group.

"Bond‐breaking reactions: For example, carbon‐carbon bond breakage.


"'s important that biochemical reactions not go too fast or too slowly, and that the right reactions occur when they are needed to keep the cell functioning.

"The ultimate basis for controlling biochemical reactions is the genetic information stored in the cell's DNA. This information is expressed in a regulated fashion, so that the enzymes responsible for carrying out the cell's chemical reactions are released in response to the needs of the cell for energy production, replication, and so forth. " (my bold)

Comment: It might be worth your wile to read this short article. It may help you understand my approach to biochemistry in cell function.


I then looked at A-B's most current work as you suggested he might now have some thoughts:

His defense of 'non-molecular' cell biology is all 30 years old with nothing since. Then he knew he was an odd ball. I have no idea how current ideas and findings have influenced him. Your use of Shapiro's brilliant work is much more to the point. I've told you how I interpret it in the whole scheme of things.

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