Introducing the brain: bumble bee brain confirms shapes (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Friday, February 21, 2020, 15:00 (141 days ago) @ dhw

QUOTE: "Dr. Solvi cautions: "This doesn't mean bees experience the world the same way we do, but it does show there is more going on in their heads than we have ever given them credit for.'"

DAVID: Dr. Solvi exhibits large animal chauvinism. I'm not surprised at the bee brain ability. All animal brains evolved from an early beginning set of neurons. A single neuron has been shown to act like a tiny lone computer. we do not know just how few or many are required for this mental ability. We know bees live by knowing the shapes of flowers.

dhw: Delighted to see you acknowledging that even a single neuron acts like a tiny lone computer. Some people would say that just like bees and every other living organism, it acts like a tiny lone sentient, information-processing, communicating, decision-making being. And even you agree that this theory has a 50/50 chance of being correct, but you reckon 50/50 possibility = 100% impossibility.

You are grasping at your usual straws to support a cell intelligence theory most scientists don't believe. Note today I enter a new layer of genome controls, a new aspect of RNA modification.

DAVID under “control of cell skeletal structure”: By the way, the centrosome and centrioles are part of the Albrecht-Buehler discussion about cell intelligence. A=B does not agree with most researchers theories:
"Yet, the vast majority of today's biologists devote their efforts to prove the opposite, namely that specific molecular interactions create the cellular functions"

DAVID: I wonder what A-B thinks now since his research dates from 25-50 years ago.

dhw:He suggested that the centrosome was the equivalent of the brain. I suspect that if he had changed his mind, he would have said so. There are now plenty of scientists in the field who agree with him that cells are intelligent."The times, they are a-changin'."

I assume he is long retired and the research I see is still about molecular reactions. Still all an outlier opinion, but to be fair Shapiro is mainline. Show me your 'plenty of scientists'.

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