Introducing the brain (Introduction)

by dhw, Wednesday, June 06, 2018, 13:14 (839 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: “Uses the brain networks to think” may be clear to you, but it is not to me, and that is why I have tried to resolve the ambiguity above, explaining the different FUNCTIONS of the two parts that make up the dualist’s self. Do please tell me what you disagree with in the version of dualism I have offered.

DAVID: Your statement: " I say that the dualist's soul is the thinking part of the self that uses the brain to gather the information it thinks about, and then instructs the brain to give material expression and implementation to its thoughts through the brain’s network of connections" does not describe WHERE the soul 'thinks' about the info it uses the brain to gather in order to instruct the brain to express. I say it uses the brain's own networks. You say that the soul doesn't do that is the impression I get from your statements.

In saying the soul is the thinking part of the dualistic self (which consists of immaterial mind and material body), and expresses/implements its thoughts through the brain’s network of connections, I mean that it is contained within the material body (or brain if you prefer), and uses the brain’s network of connections to express/implement its thoughts! Yet again you are trying to manufacture a difference that is not there. However, I’m pleased to see that you have NOT objected to the separation of FUNCTIONS: i.e. that the dualist’s soul is the thinking part of the self and uses the brain’s networks to express and implement its thoughts. And that is why it is illogical for you as a dualist to claim that the immaterial soul cannot THINK without the material brain until it doesn’t have a material brain to think with.

DAVID: Difference not manufactured! Two mechanisms in two different realms. Same basic soul personality at the core.

dhw: No difference here. Unless you are referring to “mechanisms” other than those of observation and communication. If so, please tell us what they are. The same “basic soul personality” has to include the ability to think, feel, remember etc., unless you believe you can be you without these attributes. But according to you, in life the immaterial soul does not have this ability because this ability depends on the brain, and yet in death the same immaterial soul does have this ability without the brain. That is where the incongruity lies.

DAVID: Why can't you accept the soul functions differently in life and death in its thought mechanisms? […]

I have accepted it over and over again, and have asked you over and over again what different “thought mechanisms” you are referring to, other than those of observation and communication. Why don’t you answer?

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