Introducing the brain (Introduction)

by dhw, Saturday, June 09, 2018, 10:57 (834 days ago) @ David Turell

Transferred from the THEORY post:

DAVID: […] The soul receives observations, sensations, facts; it then must analyze and order responses. This is the thinking part of the process in life which uses the brain circuits. In death the soul does all of that without the brain circuits. In life it is dual: material brain and immaterial soul.

dhw: That is precisely the theory of dualism that I have been trying to put across to you! The dualist’s soul is the THINKING part of the duality in life. It receives information from the brain, processes (analyzes) it, and “uses the brain circuits” to express or implement its thoughts materially (“order responses”). And it continues to be the same thinking self (“does all of that”) when the brain dies. It does not depend on the brain for its ability to THINK (to “analyze and order responses”). […]

DAVID: […] I see the soul in two forms for thinking. One is life using the brain and a different one in death.

How does a piece of your God’s consciousness have two different FORMS? Your version above is exactly the same as mine: the SAME thinking soul uses the brain in life to receive information, analyze it and “order responses”, i.e. express or implement its thoughts. In death (if it survives), it must use different (psychic) methods for receiving information and expressing/implementing its thoughts.

In this post you make the following comments on the same subject:
DAVID: I don't know how the mechanism changes but in the quantum world I views it as entirely possible since quantum studies are fully related to intelligent input to produce different outcomes.

We have agreed that the mechanism must change from material observation and expression of thought to psychic means. But once again: it is the SAME thinking soul (piece of your God’s consciousness) that is supposed to survive the death of the brain. Why does it NEED two different methods of THINKING? (Quantum studies are irrelevant: they won’t tell you that you have a piece of God’s consciousness which has two different mechanisms for THINKING, let alone what these mechamisms are!)

dhw: If your soul can only be/reach/work with itself by using the brain, then it can’t be/reach/work with itself when the brain dies.

DAVID: It can, but is not interlocked with the brain at that time, so its mechanism is different. You still want a static soul mechanism in two different realms.

And again: The “static” element of the soul is that it is the same thinking, feeling, remembering “you” in both realms. Of course in death it’s not interlocked with the brain which no longer exists, and so the mechanism that changes is that of observation and expression, but not of THINKING.

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