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dhw: So in your theory does he or does he not design innovations to improve organisms’ chances of survival? For example, when – according to you – he popped in to operate on pre-whale legs and turn them into flippers, did he or did he not do so to enable them to improve their chances of survival in the water? Please answer directly.

DAVID: Answered over and over: God has animals fit for survival. If they die out before He adds the next modification to form a new species, evolution doesn't work in progressive stages.

dhw: And so did your God change pre-whale legs into flippers in order to improve their chances of survival, or not?

of course. Your point? Survival happens but does not drive evolution. God does

Trilobite eyes


DAVID: Still descended from the Cambrian Explosion.

dhw: So what was all that about “From nothing to these eyes with no intermediate steps”?

Any eyes in the Ediacaran? Ediacaran to Cambrian, no intermediate

dhw: 20,000 species, and you pick on one later variation to tell us there’s a gap which we cannot deny. And while you contemplate your response, do please tell us why this particular extinct species of trilobite was necessary for the design of humans and our food.

DAVID: You cannot deny the gap.

dhw: I’m not denying the gap in general. I’m simply pointing out that this trilobite was one very late variation out of 20,000 forms of trilobite.

The early ones arrived as totally new

DAVID: It [the gap]is still there, not gone with your theoretical suppositions of excuses.

dhw: Of course the gap is still there. But this is not a good example. Why do you use the word “excuse”? Your theory concerning the gap is no more proven than my own proposals

The gap exists. Your excuses are pure unproven theory.

DAVID: And trilobites ended up as evolved forms which we eat today. The whole bush is food to feed our huge population.

dhw: Your usual self-contradiction. How often must I quote you? “The current bush of food is NOW for humans NOW. There were smaller bushes in the PAST for PAST forms”, and “Extinct life has no role in current time.

All true obvious statements, but not in your topsy-turvy Alice looking-glass view. We are observing different times during 3.8 billion year's of evolution of life, all connected by the process of evolution.

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