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by David Turell @, Saturday, March 06, 2021, 15:46 (521 days ago) @ dhw

Your gut has a big brain

DAVID: Lack of understanding. We are discussing gut cells, not the biome.

dhw: What has the biome got to do with it? We are talking about the cell communities that contribute to our behaviour! According to you, the gut cells communicate with the brain cells – and no doubt with other cell communities – by following God’s instructions, which can only have been issued 3.8 billion years ago or dabbled whenever he felt like dabbling. I am sceptical. I think it more likely that if your God exists, he would have given ALL cells/cell communities the autonomous ability to communicate and cooperate in making their contributions to their host’s behaviour.

Cells do communicate in just that way following God's instructions.


DAVID: Only a mind can create fine tuning, which is why atheists have to invent unproveable multiverses. And agnostics follow their tune, dhw admits to be hung up on the need for design.

dhw: No they don't follow the atheists' tune. Agnostics can’t commit themselves to the tunes of the unscientific, unprovable, unintelligible, unobservable theories of atheists and theists alike. You are right, though: the need for design counterbalances the incredibility of a designer who didn’t have to be designed. One way or another, I am left acknowledging that there are mysteries which cannot be solved.

DAVID: You will never have absolute proof of God. But logic says He must exist.

dhw: And your equally rigid atheist will say you will never have absolute proof that life was the product of a chance combination formed from a virtually infinite number of combinations, but logic says it must have happened. Pots and kettles.


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