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by dhw, Monday, May 24, 2021, 11:15 (442 days ago) @ David Turell

Fungi helped plants
DAVID: […] I believe God designs and speciates and provides intelligent information for organisms to use.

dhw: I have never understood the difference between information and “intelligent” information, and I have no idea what you mean by the latter. Could it mean that he provides the intelligence (my proposal) to organize cooperation and solve problems, or does it mean that he provides detailed formulas for all cooperation, and detailed solutions to every single problem that every single life form has faced and will face throughout the thousands of millions of years of life’s history past present and future?

DAVID: I throw in 'intelligent' to indicate it is God's information that makes organisms look and act as if intelligent.

dhw: So what information are you talking about? Do you mean “information” that gives them the AUTONOMOUS ABILITY to observe and process their observations of changing conditions, to communicate and cooperate with one another, and then to take decisions? Or do you mean detailed formulas and solutions provided by your God, as bolded above?

DAVID: The issue you seem to struggle with is DNA is coded information which creates living organisms and instructs the underlying biochemical process of life. It allows for experiential actions and reactions.

I have no struggle at all with the fact that our DNA does all that you say it does. But vague references to “information” do not answer the question of how organisms cooperate in order to improve their chances of survival. That is why I am asking you whether you believe your God supplied detailed formulas for all cooperation and detailed solutions for all problems throughout life’s history. If he did not do so, what alternative means of cooperation, problem-solving and decision-making do you think he might possibly have provided?

Deep sea extremophiles
These are in very deep trenches, newly discovered and large multicellular organisms:

QUOTE: "The deep sea is a part of our planet unlike any other. Accounting for over 95 percent of Earth’s living space, it is cold, dark, and under extreme pressure, yet an astounding variety of creatures abound.

DAVID: See the photos. Amazing.

We agree! And once again I can only thank you for posting such articles.

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