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Homo luzonensis

dhw: It is YOUR analysis of your God’s purposes and goals that do not fit my human logic. Even you have agreed that my alternatives are logical, and you yourself have no idea why your God would have chosen your version of his method (designing 99% of life forms unconnected to humans) in order to achieve your version of his sole purpose (to design humans).

DAVID: Your humanized God fits your theories, and as I've previously pointed out, given the personality your God seems to have, are then logical within that context.

dhw: Thank you. That logic is in stark contrast to your own theory, in which you have no idea why your own humanized God….see the bold above.

You are so blind to your humanizing of God, you fully misinterpret my view of a non-human God

DAVID: […] Origin of life is still a miracle and must be part of the debate.

dhw: I agree. Chapter One is the origin of life, and that boils down to a designing God or a huge stroke of luck, or some form of panpsychism in which all matter has some form of consciousness. We can’t go any further than that.

I don't think that much luck is possible

Some ant brains shrink and grow

DAVID: Not all ants do this. Using my thoughts about how God does it, dabble.

dhw: Wow! I wonder why he specially chose this one species of ant to use its brain in this way. Based on past history, there is no reason why such ants should be here. So are we to conclude that God’s one and only purpose was to produce the Indian jumping ant? Or is the Indian jumping ant’s special brain a vital ingredient of our food supply?

DAVID: Usual reply. They play a role in their own ecosystem.

dhw: Of course. So does every life form. But you seem to have forgotten that according to you, God deliberately designed this particular brain, and according to you, all his designs were “part of the goal of evolving [=specially designing] humans” (and their food supply). Please tell us the connection.

Remember, I have? One new stage's complexity always builds on the past developments.

Carbon cycle bacterial contribution

dhw: This must be one of your wackiest ever conclusions. According to you, your God’s one and only purpose was to specially design H. sapiens. And according to you, your God specially designed every one of the 99% that were not needed. If they were not needed, why did he bother to specially design them?

DAVID: Same gaping hole in your logic: all steps in increasingly complex evolving forms.

dhw: Same gaping hole in your logic: why was the complex form of our new friend azhdarchid pterosaur “not needed and necessarily discarded” but needed “as part of the goal of evolving [= specially designing”] humans”?

All in the developing stages of evolution as explained from simple to complex.

dhw: I find the above quote [concerning the way bacteria emit carbon] a little perplexing. I thought that one of the major problems world leaders were currently grappling with was something called “global warming”, Please tell us what clever plan you think your God is hatching.

DAVID: Changes in Earth temperature is part of a never ending cycle. In a freezing universe, warm is better. God planned well for a warm Earth.

dhw: So a) why did he subject it to periods of freezing – or do you think he lost control? – and b) why is better for life to be destroyed by excess heat than by excess cold?

I think all part of God's plan for the current Earth with full civilization. Note homo sapiens survived during the recent freezes.

Introducing the brain: all human brains don't react the same
DAVID: A new careful study of frontal lobe reactions in a group of folks all watching the same movie:

DAVID: Our plastic brain allows us to not be cutout copies of each other.

dhw: No doubt the same applies to many of our fellow creatures. Why single out humans?

Don't have to. Our horses are all different in personality

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