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by David Turell @, Monday, October 04, 2021, 19:14 (317 days ago) @ dhw


DAVID: Stop twisting meanings. I've said survival is required prior to each new species.

dhw: And you’ve also said “survival has nothing to do with the appearance of new species”. How can that be true if your God’s motive for changing anatomies was to ensure the survival of the respective organisms?

The bold emphasizes my point, God speciates from surviving species, whose survival is guaranteed by His designs of them

Your gut has a big brain
dhw: [..] The brainy gut is a prime example of how intelligent cells cooperate in order to design functioning communities. (It is possible that your God gave them their intelligence.)

DAVID: I'll accept your possibility about God.

dhw: Good. You can hardly accept the possibility that your God gave them their intelligence without accepting the possibility that they are intelligent.

DAVID: God invented them so of course they act intelligently to fulfill His purposes for them.

dhw: We agree that cells cooperate intelligently. But you say they are not intelligent and God tells/has told them what to do. Margulis, McClintock and Shapiro (among others) said/say they are intelligent, and they work out what to do. I guess that’s the end of that discussion, till we discuss it again! :-)

Round and around, to this stop.

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