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by dhw, Monday, March 15, 2021, 11:54 (512 days ago) @ David Turell

Possums and Bioluminescence

DAVID: Your usual platitude. "Communication" does not explain how the experience is transmitted among thousands of individual in a species.

dhw: Since we know that successful strategies are passed on, perhaps you’d better give us your own explanation. How exactly does your God teach every possum to play dead, every migrating bird to migrate, every ant to build bridges etc. etc.?

DAVID: He designs it into each new species He creates.

So 3.8 billion years ago he provided the first cells with a programme for possums to evolve out of pre-possums, and a programme for possums to pretend to be dead. Alternatively, when he stepped in to operate on the pre-possum, he inserted a programme that would switch itself on and make all possums lie down and pretend to be dead when necessary. For you it is out of the question that at some point in history, possums, migrating birds and ants might have worked out strategies to improve their chances of survival, and these successful strategies eventually became standard behaviour, having been passed on through generations of possums, birds and ants.

New proteins

DAVID: The usual Darwin assumption a new vital protein component simply evolved. My view is God carefully plans for the future by creating elements such as 'alpha helices' which make advance design easier to code.

dhw: I am in no position to challenge the researchers’ claim that there were vast numbers of useless proteins. If there were, then the question would be why – if your God designed the useful protein – he also designed so many useless proteins.

DAVID: God doesn't produce useless proteins. It is a Darwinian theoretical assumption in the article as I interpreted it, as they believe in chance evolution. Chance formation of useless proteins are discarded by natural selection.

There is no problem with the proposal that useless proteins would be discarded by natural selection, but please tell us what reasons you have for rejecting the researchers’ claim that there were large numbers of useless proteins. If their claim is true, and if your God doesn’t produce useless proteins, then maybe your God didn’t produce them directly but they arose out of his invention of a free-rein system which also produced harmful bacteria and viruses and nasty diseases.

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