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by David Turell @, Sunday, April 18, 2021, 16:46 (478 days ago) @ dhw


dhw: I’m afraid terms like “humanized” and “second-hand” do not offer one iota of logic to contradict my theory or to explain why you think your God could not have invented such a mechanism.

DAVID: Your humanized God can do anything He wants in your imagination.

dhw: Of course – and so can yours. That still doesn’t explain why you think your God, who apparently specially designed us and our autonomous intelligence, could not also have endowed other organisms with their own form of autonomous intelligence.

The research into living biochemical processes shows highly designed events. Tight controls are found in them. These are not natural developments from Darwin style random mutations. Our brains are not the same as genome controls. We have free will. Your comparison is not a real comparison. My God put in all the programmed cell controls over processes.

DAVID (under “dimmer switch”): We see genes exert controls. We don't know how they do it. The results are logical and appear designed. How did the cells get so intelligent by themselves. Not naturally. God had to design them that way, by giving them the proper required information.[/b]

dhw: I like your question, and thank you for at last acknowledging that cells are intelligent (though no doubt you will withdraw that in your next post).

Please read carefully. The bold clearly tells us God coded intelligent actions into cells

dhw: But I never said the cells got “so intelligent by themselves”. If you’re telling us that your God must have designed their intelligence, I’m not going to argue with the logic of your “design” argument. I’m an agnostic, remember? I don’t know why you have to drag “information” into the discussion.

Because cells and resulting emergent life run/runs on God-given information to guide them.

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