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Homo luzonensis

DAVID: You are so blind to your humanizing of God, you fully misinterpret my view of a non-human God.

dhw: As I have shown, your God is as humanized as my various alternatives, and in any case that does not provide a logical explanation of the theory bolded above. What have I misinterpreted?

My God is allegorical, so any statement about His personal attributes means similar to at the human level. His personality, in my concept of it, is diametrically opposite yours

Some ant brains shrink and grow

DAVID: Remember, I have? One new stage's complexity always builds on the past developments.

dhw: But evolution branched out into vast numbers of twigs and branches, 99% of which had no connection with humans. Please tell us why he had to specially design this particular ant brain and also our new friend azhdarchid pterosaur in order to design H. sapiens and our food supply.

All part of the giant ecosystem of food chains, since all animals must eat.>

Carbon cycle bacterial contribution

dhw: So a) why did he subject it to periods of freezing – or do you think he lost control? – and b) why is better for life to be destroyed by excess heat than by excess cold?

DAVID: I think all part of God's plan for the current Earth with full civilization. Note homo sapiens survived during the recent freezes.

dhw: Do you believe that your God foresaw the current and future disasters being caused by our “full civilization” and exacerbated by the bacteria he deliberately designed to increase the amount of carbon in the air? This a serious question in the light of your particular “humanized” view of your God.

My God is not in any way human. But He knew He had to create a warm Earth compared to the rest of the universe, proven by the fact we are really warm. He knew we would develop a giant population, since we are/were so superior and that necessarily would increase CO2. Temperature on Earth has many interlocking systems to influence it, including sun spot activity, which currently is very low so current whole Earth Temps are not really rising.

Introducing the brain: all human brains don't react the same
DAVID: Our plastic brain allows us to not be cutout copies of each other.

dhw: No doubt the same applies to many of our fellow creatures. Why single out humans?

DAVID: Don't have to. Our horses are all different in personality.

So why single out humans?

I haven't. The article was a human example. This is another example of how you try to reduce our human exceptionalism, as it certainly upsets Darwin's theory, making us unexpected by it.

How viruses might fit in.
DAVID: Since I think God designed life, I must accept God also designed viruses and used them in advancing evolution.

dhw: And so logically you should also believe (I dislike your use of "accept", as it always implies some sort of objective truth) that since according to you he designed them and is always in full control, he used them to cause immense suffering and death. Or perhaps you might consider the possibility that he designed them and bacteria, and then left them to create the great free-for-all that led to the vast diversity of life forms past and present, the latest of which is H. sapiens.

My usual objection to free-for-all as if God gave up control. There you go again: Humans are not just diversity but an unexpected Darwinist result purposely created by god.

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