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Spiders lasso

DAVID: He does not tell us why He created life, and religions are full of guesswork.

dhw: Ah, he only tells you the reasons he did NOT have for creating life. ;-) And yes, religions are full of guesswork. How does that come to mean that God is interested in us (your belief) but didn’t create life because he wanted to create something that would interest him?

Again pure humanizing


DAVID: I needed your repetition to properly answer point for point. The 'beyond our control' is totally fallacious. I have full right to chose among the influences in my past and discard them. Raised liberal I am now a very conservative libertarian. You are correct, free will involves what you make yourself free from, and environment, chance events, previous easily discarded upbringing never should influence an individual decision in that moment of thought. Freedom from most of the past in very possible.

dhw: I don’t know why you left out the last sentence of my answer: ”The argument in defence of the concept is that all the influences combine to make the unique person that is me, and nobody else takes my decisions.” My point was that Egnor made no mention of this all-important aspect of the subject.

DAVID: My answer above is in full support of that approach you cited. I'm with Egnor.

dhw: Egnor never mentioned cause and effect. That was my complaint!

And I've said cause and effecf are very weak theories.

Highest speed claw snapping

DAVID: God is the designer of life and evolution. History is a clear picture of how He did it by design.

dhw: You have only offered us two forms of design, so please tell us: do you think he designed claw-snapping 3.8 billion years ago, or stepped in to perform an operation? And do you think claw-snapping was part of his goal to evolve humans and their food supply?

DAVID:I've told you over and over I don't know which mechanism God used for each and every design, but I have shown in recent entries the strong evidence of pre-planning in antecedent DNAs.

dhw: You have told us over and over again that your God either preprogrammed the first cells with all the advances, or stepped in to dabble. At different times you have favoured one over the other. On the thread “more genomic evidence”, you have at last mentioned a “mechanism for advance”, which ties in neatly with the theory of cellular intelligence. None of the articles on DNA provide “strong evidence” of pre-planning, unless you mean evidence for a mechanism which enabled later life forms to create the changes that led to speciation.

And my preferred view is the coding for advancement was pre-inserted long before new advanced forms appeared.

The biochemistry of cells

QUOTE: One of the unique things with this study is that we have been able to study individual cells instead of simply entire cell populations. This has allowed us to really be able to see how the cells transition from their individual behaviour to coordinating with their neighbours.

dhw: A neat summary of the process whereby individual cells cooperate to form communities – and we can extend this to how cell communities cooperate with other cell communities as they go on to create the ever increasing variety of structures which make up the history of life on Earth.

You shipped my comment: Comment: I do not understand how glycolytic oscillations carry messages, but no else knows either. We know DNA carries information in its code. Does the pitch of the oscillations? The advancing research raises more questions than answers.

My thought is the entire sets of layers of information and controls in the genome manages what the cells are told to do. Top down not bottom up.

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