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Insect smell receptors

DAVID: As a surface analysis. Intelligently-run automaticity looks exactly the same. The same 50/50.

dhw: How does an automaton create meaning through learning and experience? I am simply pointing out that the terminology of the article favours intelligence. I know you don’t.

I have to interpret from Darwinist articles. I can agree with an appearance of intelligence

Plant cell regulators

DAVID: As usual you skip over the complexity of the arrangement for newborn protection system. Not by chance evolution.

dhw: I have never proposed chance evolution, and I do not skip over the complexity. I am pointing out that the complexity is the result of millions of years of complexification, as the cell communities of all organisms learn to solve new problems and pass their solutions on. The difference between our theories is that you insist that your God either preprogrammed every solution to every problem 3.8 billion years ago, or is constantly present and dabbling whenever a new problem arises. I find your theory somewhat far-fetched.

God in charge is not far-fetched.

Cosmic filaments spin

DAVID: The bold is your usual guesswork 'something might be wrong' or 'why do we need it?' God has his reasons, and bit by bit we figure them out.

dhw: The something that might be wrong is your inexplicable insistence that your God specially designed all these “strange things” although his one and only purpose was to design humans and their lunch. We may figure out sequences of cause and effect, but if you cannot find reasons for your dislocated theory of evolution, whereas you find my own alternatives logical, you can hardly expect me to be convinced by “God has his reasons” for doing and thinking what you say he does and thinks.

You are objecting to my belief God designed this universe.

Jupiter and Saturn have fevers

DAVID: As above God has all the answers, and we try to figure them out, while you remain a doubting Thomas.

dhw: Since you have not figured out a single reason why God would act the way you think he acts, of course I doubt your theory. And please remember that my own alternatives always include the possibility of your God as the creator, so don’t try to use my agnosticism as an excuse for your rejecting them.

You ask me to explain God's reasoning. You know I can't, nor can you. I don't try. No need.

Sleep length

QUOTE: Yet mice, and presumably humans with the short sleep gene mutation, remember quite well on little sleep, whereas most people won't remember much of anything if you deprive them of sleep," she said.

dhw: My younger son is perfectly OK with very few hours, my daughter sleeps like a log for about eight hours and is perfectly OK, and my elder son snatches a few hours when allowed to by his 4-year-old twins, but seems OK. As for me, I sometimes get about 5 hours in between trips to the bathroom, but make up for it later, stretched out on the sofa (deliberate sleep) or nodding off in front of the telly (involuntary sleep). I seem to be OK in between. Though come to think of it, I often forget...um...er...what was I going to say?

Napping is a habit pattern. i need my straight eight hours punctuated by potty calls

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