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by David Turell @, Monday, December 28, 2020, 13:25 (642 days ago) @ dhw

Fine tuning

dhw: Please stop backpedaling.

DAVID: I'll stop when you drop the ridiculous commenting about God using evolution to produce us every chance you get. It pops up everywhere. Note the bold below. You can't resist the urge.

dhw: […] I keep repeating my objection in bold, which is to the illogical COMBINATION of your premises: that if your God’s sole purpose was to design H. sapiens, why would he have directly designed millions of extinct life forms that had no connection with humans? What reply do you expect from me, when you misrepresent my objections and continue to leave out the illogicalities that have been the subject of this discussion right from the start?

DAVID: If you will realize I find your objection totally unreasonable, I will stop complaining about your illogical objection. Digs about it constantly appear in unrelated discussion.

dhw: How can you find my objection unreasonable when you admit that you have no idea why your God would have chosen your idea of his method to fulfil your idea of his purpose? I bring it up whenever you emphasize that every life form, innovation, strategy, natural wonder etc. must have been directly designed by God. This website is a forum for discussion, and if you make such statements, and elsewhere you insist that your God’s sole purpose was to design H. sapiens, I have every right to challenge your logic. I also have every right to propose alternative theories, and you have every right to challenge them. Your posts on all the scientific developments and life forms and natural wonders are a continuous education, but if you use them as “evidence” for your theory, you cannot expect me to leave unchallenged what I consider to be flawed conclusions.

Then don't tell me to stop backpedaling. I don't accept your lack of logic about my beliefs.

Egnor’s latest

DAVID: I have always believed dogs have animal souls. Since ants communicate, they can be said to have souls.

dhw: Thank you. It would be fascinating to know what they think about when they haven’t got to worry about food and self-defence!

DAVID: They don't think, but react.

dhw: So what function do you think is performed by their souls?

DAVID: Automatic reactions.

dhw: So their souls don’t think? Not much point in having them, is there?

In Judaism an animal soul is different from a human soul. One of the observations I accept.

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