Evolution: more genomic evidence of pre-planning Part One (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Saturday, May 01, 2021, 19:16 (12 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Yes, we differ. I view the neurons as a planned excess, from God.

dhw: And yet you go on to tell us the vital function they performed:
DAVID: I've previously explained God's planned excess cells allowed us free-willed humans to tailor our new big brain as we wished in the process of complexification as abstractions and other knowledge developed.

dhw: How can they have been “excess” if they helped to give us the autonomous ability to work out our own ideas?

The excess cells are part of a tool supply for our brain to complexify itself tailored to our new needs. The mechanism picked and chose among the available cells to set up the five layer network in our frontal lobes. We do not know how certain neurons were picked and networked and others discarded. We don't know if the discarded played any active role in the process. The way the excess helped is it allowed for precise tailoring of needed networks by the complexification process. It is obvious the remaining neurons played an active role in the process, and more tha likely the excess cells were mainly passive. So much for your distorted view of what I theorize.

We cannot compare with past fossils, but our frontal lobe setup is nothing like the apes.

dhw: […] you have agreed that the hippocampus of modern sapiens expands autonomously, by which I mean your God does not perform operations or give new instructions to the modern hippocampus...Please explain why you find this illogical.

DAVID: The modern hippocampus follows God's onboard implanted instructions to handle the need to memorize, for example, new abstract ideas as they appear.

dhw: Since you agree that the modern brain works autonomously (“free-willed”), what you call “God’s onboard implanted instructions” can only comprise the mechanism which enables the hippocampus to memorize autonomously and the cerebral cortex to come up with its new ideas. What else could this mechanism be, other than the intelligence of the cells? Or do you really believe your God has given instructions for every idea sapiens has ever come up with, and has installed a programme instructing the hippocampus which ones to memorize?

We use our brains without God's current help, because of the way He set it up for us.. What are you smoking?

DAVID: Autonomous brain complexification is because the brain follows God's implanted genetic instructions exactly.

dhw: Same again: What do the “implanted genetic instructions” consist of, if they are not the mechanism which enables the “free-willed” brain to think its own thoughts, make its own decisions, and work out its new ideas?

I was discussing the complexification mechanism, nothing else. Of course we use our brain freely

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