Evolution: arriving on land (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, June 04, 2018, 14:15 (796 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID’s comment: why did seagoing animals have the ability to breath air in advance of the mass extinction? Good luck or God?

dhw: Those that had already ventured onto land had already adapted to life out of the water, and those that hadn’t adapted went extinct. Sounds perfectly natural to me.

DAVID: You are assuming an advanced adaptation. Either an air bladder or rudimentary lungs must be available to stay awhile on land. How does adaptation occur in such an unfriendly environment? Multiple beneficial mutations are necessary. Not by chance.

dhw: But these adaptations DID occur! And I am not saying they occurred by chance! And I keep repeating that all the cell communities of which organisms are composed must cooperate to enable such adaptations to occur. In most cases, the cell communities are incapable of mastering the “unfriendly environment”, and so they go extinct. According to you, your God either forecast each environmental change 3.8 billion years ago and provided a computer programme for 1% of organisms to switch on and be saved, or he said to himself: “Whoops, looks like there’s a mass extinction on the way. I’d better fiddle with a few critters so they can carry on breathing. Otherwise, life won’t survive until I’m able to design the sapiens brain.” But you have the right to believe what you will.

Of course adaptations occurred. I have my thoughts and keep debating the one's you have a right to have.

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