Cosmologic philosophy: fine tuning, of carbon (Introduction)

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QUOTE: "One of the more frequent challenges I get from non-theists is the following: "If there is a God who wanted to create a home for human beings, why would he create hundreds of billions of useless galaxies?" The quick answer is that, given the laws of physics God chose for the universe, it is not possible to make a planet on which humans can live and thrive without the hundreds of billions of galaxies. In fact, it is not possible for any kind of physical life to exist without hundreds of billions of galaxies.

dhw: How the heck does he know?

The entire article covers the need for an exact level of carbon created by how carbon was formed in stars and then distributed, noting that too much carbon dos not allow for life, and all those galaxies gave the right mix. Hugh Ross is a believing scientist who follows exact science in his thinking.

DAVID's comment: Fred Hoyle was an atheist, but he recognized the design. Design requires a mind to plan the design. That is logic.

dhw: But in the words of his fellow atheist, Richard Dawkins: who designed the designer? And in the words of I know not who: You don’t solve one mystery by creating another. Maybe Hoyle should have been an agnostic.

Almost every mystery we solve presents new mysteries to solve.

David: I'll bet you are right and he ended up as an agnostic.

What is the purpose of living? How about, 'to reduce needless suffering. It seems to me to be a worthy purpose.

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