Cosmologic philosophy: physics current dead end (Introduction)

by dhw, Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 13:03 (787 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: Very much in line with the scepticism of the brilliant article by Laurence Krauss. Perhaps you will extend your own scepticism to the faith you place in the impenetrably tangled web of quantum theory to bolster your theism, and may even go so far as to question the logic of the Big Bang theory, which you like to equate with Creation.

DAVID: If we are to debate "why there is anything instead of nothing" and how life/we happened to appear on an inorganic Earth at its beginning, we must use the accepted 'best' theories at this moment. Either we are skeptical fence sitters or we can look for probable answers.

The two articles encourage us to be sceptical of science’s capacity to come up with the answers. On Monday you told us that this scepticism "fits all the negative thoughts I have presented. We need a new set of theories." On Tuesday you're all in favour of using the accepted 'best' theories at this moment. Maybe you're only in favour of the accepted 'best' theories you can still try to use in order to support your theism? In any case, nothing prevents a sceptical fence-sitter from looking for probable answers. Why do you think I started this website?

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