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by David Turell @, Wednesday, September 04, 2019, 18:34 (384 days ago) @ dhw

I’m combining threads again:

DAVID: God needed to create the entire bush of life to provide food for the years He took to create humans…

dhw: It is you who keep telling us that your God DECIDED to spend 3.X billion years not pursuing his goal! And that, according to you, is why he “had to” design non-human life forms to keep life going until he designed the only thing he wanted to design!

History tells us He decided to evolve!

DAVID: If He just created humans, how would they be able to live all by themselves? God understood the requirements. Your God doesn't because of His human thinking you have given Him. Entirely logical as an interpretation of God's thinking.

dhw: Of course he had to provide food for humans, but the millions of extinct life forms, lifestyles and natural wonders did NOT provide food for humans! According to you, they provided food to “cover the time” he had decided to spend before he started his roundabout method of fulfilling his one and only goal. THAT is the theory which you admit you cannot explain and which drives you into claiming that your God’s logic is different from ours.

Same old incorrect points. Of course He had to cover the time involved or life would have been starved out of existence. It is not that: "you admit you cannot explain", I cannot read God's mind or understand His choices, while I treat Him as non-human and you constantly humanize His logic.

DAVID: I fully understand my explanations. It is possible God's logic is like ours, but what you refuse to recognize is we cannot know that for sure, so we must look at His works and interpret what He might have thought.

dhw: I fully recognize that we cannot know for sure, which is why I keep pointing out the illogicality of your own theory, and in turn look at his works and offer different logical interpretations as alternatives to the one which you now claim to fully understand – though at other times you admit you have no idea why your God would choose such a method of fulfilling such a purpose.

Again your humanized God seems illogical. Not to me

DAVID: Evolve hides nothing since you know I believe God designs everything! The entire bush of life is required, as God certainly knew, as humans without the bush couldn't survive.

dhw: Humans did not even exist, let alone survive for 3.X billion years! That is the problem with your theory that H. sapiens was his one and only goal but he “had to” create the bush because he had decided not to fulfil his one and only goal for 3.X billion years! You don't know why he chose this method of fulfilling his purpose, and so God's logic must be different from ours!

Same old chorus. My view of God is He chose to evolve. You view my God as illogical. I don't.

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